A History Of Wild Places By Shea Ernshaw

“Guilt is a beast. And it might just kill you, if you let it.”

Genre: Mystery, Magical Realism

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I hate it when I start off a book thinking it’s gonna be a stellar read, only to have it go downhill and end up a 2-3 star read 🤦🏻‍♀️

What I liked:

⁃ I was really digging Travis’ POV and his special talent. His narration was my favourite part.

⁃ The setting and mystery of where Maggie disappeared to.

What didn’t work for me:

I’ve come to realize that magical realism and cult stories are just not for me. I didn’t like where the story ended up going. Not only did I figure things out early on (which I’m sure most readers will), but I found myself rolling my eyes and thinking it was kinda stupid.

In the end, I think a lot of you will enjoy this one, especially if you were a fan of Season 3 Riverdale.

Have you read it? Did you enjoy any of Shea Ernshaw’s other books?

10 thoughts on “A History Of Wild Places By Shea Ernshaw

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  1. Hello Princess, I haven’t read any of Shea Ernshaw’s work but I wanted to drop by and say hi. I haven’t commented for a long while because your posts didn’t appear to have comments turned on. Anyhoo, I hope you and your folks are well and I’ll do my best to drop by more often!

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    1. Hey there! Long time no chat my friend! Really? That’s so weird!! No worries! It’s been crazy here. We moved last year from city living to rural. BIG change! And we’ve been doing small Renos around the house, which is taking up ALL our time since we are doing it ourselves. My hubby is very handy. 😜 Thank god! How are you?

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      1. Hi again, I’m still here and still fighting the forces of evil! I just have a few more REAL lightsabers now to play with instead of just my digital designs😁 (oh and as you may have seen a few blasters!) So glad to hear you’re both doing well….and you’re a country Princess now? Nice.
        I once did some renovations to my old house, I knocked two rooms into one big room….it had the highest ceiling of any house on my road🤣

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      2. 😂😂 That’s awesome! I’m actually about to add an extension to my house, but need to wait till the ground is soft enough to dig and out in some posts. 😂 Yes. I’m a country princess now! It has been quite the transition. Glad you are also well and have some new toys! I’ve been looking for some light sabers for my kids. Right now they have the cheap imitations that light up and make sounds. But still not quite the same or as sturdy. They break easily. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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      3. Hi there, well my landlord will be pleased to know I can’t do any reno’s on my flat. Though I have just had a new fire proof front door installed – it took the workmen 8 hours to fit it.
        If you need any help or advice about getting some nicer sabers I’d be happy to help out.
        I don’t know what your budget would be but there is a retailer named CRSabers that sell lightsabers made by a company called LGT that are “combat ready”. The sabers have metal handles and
        blades made from polycarbonate (the same material as police riot shields) and these can take a hammering. There are various models so each youngling can have their own (so no arguments of whose is whose saber!) and they start at around $159 – that saounds expensive but they do come with 9 different character sound sets and the blade can be set to any colour.
        In the US there is also Darkwolf Sabers and Vire Sabers two companies that have a good reputation you could check out (but would have taxes for import) ok! Let me know if you need more help.

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      4. Hi again, if you let me know roughly what your budget is and whether you want to buy from continental US/Canada or from abroad I can draw up a list of possible purchases that should fit your needs. You can email me details if you like, ok

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