Netflix & Chill: Bridgerton

Just like everyone else, I jumped on the bandwagon with this one. Truth be told, I didn’t think it’d be my thing, but damn I LOVED IT!! Not sure if I’ll be reading the book yet. It’s not my kinda read..but we’ll see. I might be curious enough to wanna compare the show to the book.

What do you think? Is it worth the read? Or should I skip it?


I already had a few people in mind from the get go, but it took me till about episode 4/5 to figure it out. Turns out I was right! Still..I loved the big reveal at the end.

I really liked the diverse cast! They couldn’t have chosen a better Simon & Queen!

I also loved Lady Danbury.

Bless her heart and soul! She was such a fantastic mother figure. All the characters were great to be honest. The cast and costumes were just incredible!

You gotta hand it to Shonda Rhimes for producing an awesome scandalous show (as always).

For anyone who’s into steamy romance, forbidden love, fake dating, scandals & gossip. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!

I do have to say, I definitely would not watch this with my children around!! 😉

My Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Have you watched it yet? Plan to?

Netflix Binge: Stranger Things 3

** Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched Season 3 yet, stop right here. I’m about to reveal some major spoilers. **

My Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5

This season was full of surprises!!

Just when you think there can’t possibly be anymore story to tell for Stranger Things, guess again!

I’m not even gonna bother doing a recap cause if you’re reading this, you already watched the entire season and know what happens. 😜

Let’s talk characters! What did we think about the introduction of Robin & Suzie?

Admit it, you thought Suzie was made up! I did too initially. Well..okay, maybe not totally made up, but I did think that Dustin had a crush on a girl while he was away and possibly thought it was more than it really was. Who knew Suzie ACTUALLY turned out to be the real deal!!

I liked Robin! And I also liked that she was a lesbian. Ending up with Steve would have been a total cliche.

Poor Steve! He finally wins a fight, yet somehow manages to get his ass beat…AGAIN!

I’m sorry, but Erica mostly annoyed me.

Billy…I loved to hate him cause he was such a shit bag, but Dacre Montgomery plays him so well!! I honestly assumed he was dead as soon as he was caught by the Mind Flayer. I definitely didn’t think we’d see that emotional part of him. Did you? I was kinda sad to see him killed. 😕

How bummed were you when Eleven lost her powers? Do you think she’ll get them back?

Man..Joyce just can’t catch a break! First she lost Bob, now Hopper? Right at that scene when she blows the machine up, I was like WTF?! Did Hopper just die?!! And seriously.. who is the “American” that is in the Russian prison? Is it Hopper? or maybe even Murray?

What did you think of season 3?

Who In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? By Rebecca Tinker #bookreview #middlegradebooks @RaincoastBooks @HMHKids

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

** Thank you Raincoast Books & HMH Kids for my copy **

Mischief could have been my middle name.

I have absolutely no shame when it comes to reading middle grade. It keeps me young!

I grew up playing the computer game and watching the show Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? back in the 80’s, so I was uber excited to receive a copy of this.

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. I find middle grade books can be hit or miss, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one and loved very moment of it! It didn’t read like a middle grade book in my opinion, making it suitable for an adult who’s a kid at heart like myself! This certainly did the Carmen Sandiego I remember, justice!

I loved that “Player” was from Ontario, Canada! My neck of the woods! Woot woot!

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes on Netflix, but it seems to compliment each other well.

Whether you’ve had any previous knowledge of Carmen Sandiego or not, this is an adventurous tale for all to enjoy.

Based on the Netflix original series with a foreword by Gina Rodriguez. For decades, people have asked the question: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? But just who is this infamous and elusive globe-trotting criminal?

A skilled thief on a mysterious mission, Carmen Sandiego is endlessly pursued by ACME and Interpol. But the woman in the red fedora is always one step ahead! In this novelization, based on the Netflix animated series, Carmen shares her own backstory for the first time ever. Now, it’s time to find out…. Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

Netflix Series: Dirty John @Netflix_CA #netflix #DirtyJohn

My Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5

After being hung over on YOU, a co-worker suggested I watch Dirty John.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s based on a true crime podcast of the life of John Meehan, who was a con artist and sociopath.

I’m someone that likes to watch trailers before I dive into anything, and of course, I was already sold on this one as soon as I saw Connie Britton being casted. Because it’s a true story, I was intrigued and wanted to know the real story.

Let me just say, even though I already knew the whole story before watching the show, it didn’t take away from being able to enjoy it.

Eric Bana is totally hot by the way! With his looks, I think most women would be blinded and look past the red flags. The real John Meehan on the other hand, looks like a total perv and pedophile if you ask me.

The whole valley girl thing with Veronica and Terra were kind of annoying, but I loved that they had enough brains to not fall for John’s bullshit act.

If you haven’t seen it, go frikkin watch it already!! It’s another binge worthy series with only 8 episodes.

Have you seen it? Have you listened to the podcasts?

Netflix Series: You #Netflix #BookToFilm @Netflix_CA @CarolineKepnes

My Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5

I had this book on my TBR, but couldn’t help myself and wanted to watch the show first!

I found it highly addictive and as always, binge watched it till the sun rose.

Let me just say, this show was totally F-U-C-K-E-D UP! So juicy, with some really great twists!

The Characters

Joe Goldberg

A seemingly normal guy who manages a bookstore, but turns out to be a total creeper. The thing is, on the surface, there’s nothing about him that spells STALKER or CREEPY when you first meet him. In fact, the way his character is written and portrayed, you almost feel empathy for this guy at times.

Bravo 👏. This character was incredibly well played and well written!


OMG. So different from Emily in Pretty Little Liars. She surprised me the most! Definitely a character you love to hate and gets under your skin.


Beck, Beck, Beck..this girl is just a wreck with all kinds of issues! Seriously. Face palm! 🤦‍♀️ I shook my head on multiple occasions. Girl! You are better than that!

I did find myself rooting for her till the very end though.

Dr. Nicky aka 🦊

Ok, really!? Who wouldn’t want to bang the hot therapist?!! I would’ve lost the stache though.

Poor Dr. Nicky! The unknowing participant who winds up in prison for something he didn’t unfortunate. I hope his outcome turns out differently in season 2. Justice must prevail!!


Joe’s first love and victim. Throughout the show, you’re left with the mystery of what really happened to her, which isn’t revealed and for good reason. All we know is that she’s dead and haunts Joe in his waking life.

I highly recommend this show if you’re looking for a good thriller. 🙂

I’m looking forward to comparing the book!

Have you watched it? Read it? Let me know your thoughts!!

Netflix: Riverdale Season 3 hangover

**Spoiler Alert**

I went on a serious Riverdale binge the last 3 days. I had stopped at season 2 at the beginning of the year, and somehow got distracted until now. 😜

I don’t know about you, but this season has been a favourite of mine. Last season with the black hood was really good too, but to be honest, I knew who it was pretty early on.

I still have a hangover from episode 8: Outbreak with questions looming over my head:

1. Who is the Gargoyle King??

At first I thought it might be Warden Norton, and then I thought it was Hiram. But at the end of the episode, we see him sharing a drink with the Gargoyle King. If it’s not Hiram, then who is it?!! Tom Keller? The mysterious Edgar from the Farm?

2. Is Penny Peabody dead?

We see Gladys wiping her blade and bloody hands, but we don’t see Penny’s body, nor are we told for sure that she’s dead. We only have Gladys’ assurance that Penny won’t be coming back.

3. Where are FP & Jughead going to go?

When FP and Jughead return to Riverdale, they’re stopped at the town’s border by a bunch of armed guards and told they can’t enter.

Riverdale is in a state of quarantine (thanks to Hiram’s master plan), and no one can leave or enter.

So what does that mean for poor Juggie & FP? Will they bunk with Gladys & JB??

4. Reggie & Veronica: possible ship?

V and Reggie spent ALOT of time together this season, which begs the question of whether or not something will happen between the two.

I have to say, I developed an appreciation for Reggie his season. 🙂

5. What’s next for Ethel?

We all loved Barb in Stranger Things, and were sad to lose her. But Ethel..she isn’t one of my faves.

After being put through detox, and discovering the truth behind Gryphons & Gargoyles, Betty & Ethel successful escape the Sisters of Mercy.

Ethel received quite a bit of screen time this season, does this mean she’ll become part of the gang via Betty?

7. What will Archie do next?

With Archie on the run and a bounty on his head, Archie’s only endgame if he returns to Riverdale is to get rid of Hiram. The question is: what is his plan?

What did you think of Season 3?

Who’s your fave character?

Friday Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House #TheHauntingOfHillHouse @Netflix_CA @netflix

The book by Shirley Jackson has been on my TBR for ages, but I never got around to read it.

Normally I prefer to read the book before watching the film adaptation, but thanks to @sincerelyjessx I decided to finally dive in and start watching this first. (Thanks for your awesome post!)

It’s based on the same house, but storyline is totally different. So for those who have no intention to read the book, there’s no need. 😜

I’m only on the second episode, but it’s some freaky shit from the beginning!

If you liked the movie The Grudge you will definitely like Bent-Neck Lady!

Have you watched it yet? Or read the book? Thoughts??

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