Food In Books: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan #FoodieFiction

Hello Bookdragons!

It’s Throw Back Thursday and I’m throwin it back with a trip to Singapore in Crazy Rich Asians.

I love when something delicious is mentioned in a book, cause those are my two favourite things: food and books! So I’ve decided to add this new segment to my blog where either something yummy is mentioned, or was the focal point of the book.

In Chapter 14, Rachel and Nick arrive in Singapore where Collin & Araminta take them to Lau Pat Sat – the “old market” to eat Singaporean street cuisine.

This chapter was filled with delicious dishes! I could almost smell the aroma coming out of the pages.

Malay rojak salad bursting with chunks of pineapple and cucumber, Hokkein-style noodles in a thick garlicky gravy, a fish smoked in coconut leaves called Otah otah, and a hundred sticks of chicken and satay beef.

As Rachel tasted the char kuay teow, her eyes widened in delight at the rice noodles flash-fried with seafood, egg, and bean sprouts in a dark soy sauce.

It made me wanna hop on the next flight to Singapore for dinner! Don’t these dishes sound yummy? I’m hungry!

Which book made your mouth water?

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