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The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh

QOTD: What’s the last mystery/thriller that had you guessing till the end?
Genre: Mystery

If You Like:

– murder mysteries Poirot style

– multiple POV’s

* spoiler free review *

This was one of the rare times where I had no clue whodunnit. I had a feeling at about halfway through the book, but even then, I wasn’t entirely sure. 👏 Bloody brilliant! Everyone was sus the whole fucking way!! It was so much fun chatting about it with my reading buddies and trying to guess who it was. I had a whole list and everything!!

Not gonna lie. It was slow to start, and I almost DNF’d it. But it was my first time reading Clare Mackintosh and I wanted to give it a chance. I used the help of the audiobook (on Scribd) to get through the beginning and highly recommend going audio! The narrator was fantastic.

I’d also suggest it as a book club/group read. You’ll definitely wanna have someone to chat about it with while reading.

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have you read this? Or any of her books?

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