The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

Genre: Horror

My Rating: DNF @ 9%

I’ve attempted to read this book twice now! It came highly recommended and many raved about it. But unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

What didn’t work:

-the pacing was way too slow, which resulted in me skimming and is never a good sign.

-the storytelling was very monotone. This part was explained by a friend, which is why I gave it a second chance. But in the end, I just didn’t have the patience for it.

All the ideas were there and there are some really well-written reviews on Goodreads that summarize the story really nicely (which I enjoyed), but it wasn’t enough keep me invested. Sorry..I tried!

Just cause it wasn’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it won’t be for you.

Have you read this yet? Have you read anything else by this author?

Seamlessly blending classic horror and a dramatic narrative with sharp social commentary, The Only Good Indians follows four American Indian men after a disturbing event from their youth puts them in a desperate struggle for their lives. Tracked by an entity bent on revenge, these childhood friends are helpless as the culture and traditions they left behind catch up to them in a violent, vengeful way.

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