Dracula by Bram Stoker

Genre: Horror, Gothic Horror, Classic Horror

My Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Denn die Todten reiten Schnell.” (“For the dead travel fast.”)

“Omnia Romae venalia sunt-Hell has its price.” – Dr. Seward’s Diary

Have you ever loved a book, eventhough it wasn’t perfect?

** minor spoilers up ahead **

Oh my goodness..I loved this story so much, despite some flaws and trouble with the dialogue. I’m a total amateur when it comes to classics, so I needed the help of Google to help navigate through some of the language.

One of my goals this year is to start reading some classic literature, and this was a good introduction for me.

Since I like to end on a positive note, lets start with:

The Flaws..

The ending. After such a strong buildup, the ending was very anticlimactic in my opinion. I literally went back and forth between the ebook and the physical copy, to see if I had missed something or if the two copies were different. Nope. They both ended the same way, which was a disappointment.

I was like “Wait. What? That’s it?!!”

Renefield. I quite enjoyed reading about him, so I was bummed to see his character go nowhere. I kept thinking his parts would lead somewhere, but it never really did. Unless I missed something?

Count Dracula. I didn’t know what to expect, but I did kinda think his character took a bit of back seat. We spend a lot of time between Dr. Seward, Van Helsing and Mina, but we don’t get to see much of the man himself..mostly just the things he’s is capable of.

Jonathan Harker

– While I enjoyed his account of his stay at the castle with the Count, I wanted to know how he managed to escape. All we know is that he is found at a hospital/chapel, but we don’t know how he got there or why Dracula lets him go.

What I Loved..

The Characters!

I can’t say there was one character I didn’t like!


– I loved her! She’s like that adventurous friend you live vicariously through.


– I was surprised by what I learned about him. 1) He has a moustache. I didn’t know that. Did you?

Ok, so truth be told. The mention of his bushy eyebrows, totally made me think of Count Chocula. You know..the chocolatey cereal?! 🤭🤭

2) He’s a shapeshifter! I knew he could turn into a bat, but who knew he could turn into wolf too? Let alone, control them. If I read it correctly, he was also able to turn into mist? Or fog?

So if you read it or know the story, you can see why I was disappointed with the ending.

Van Helsing

– The only Van Helsing I knew of before reading this book, was the one Hugh Jackman played on screen. (I know..I need to get out more.) 😜😄

He surprised me the most. Firstly, I didn’t know this is where he originated from. And secondly, he is so not Hugh Jackman. 🤣

Dr. John Seward

– He seemed like such a good, sweet guy. Picture Ross Gellar, but an actual doctor. 😜


I loved her sisterhood with Lucy. She was a good friend and in my opinion, a strong woman, given the time period.

Overall, I highly recommend reading this if you enjoy classic fiction or wanna dip your toes into Gothic horror (or both).

Have you read it? Do you like reading classics? Which ones are your fave?

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