Netflix Binge: Love Is Blind #LoveIsBlindNetflix

It’s been a while since I’ve watched reality TV, but I freaking loved this show and binge watched it!

The whole concept of it is genius! Not being able to see one another with any outside influences or distractions..

I mean, let’s be real. I think we’re all guilty of judging how the person looks on some level.

Ok, so let’s talk about the couples..who we loved and who we didn’t! I’ve been itching to talk about it!

**If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now, cause I’m about to ruin it for you if you haven’t watched it!**


I was rootin for Lauren and Cameron the whole time! I really loved them each individually and together. They were definitely a great match for each other and I was SO happy Lauren said yes!!


I really didn’t like Jessica! I hated how she threw herself at Barnett behind Mark’s back! She’s incredibly shallow and it’s no wonder she’s still single to be honest. I do have to say, I was hoping she would change and make the right choice when she picked Mark. But I just couldn’t get past some of the things she said and did. I was upset for Mark! He seems like an incredibly sweet guy and didn’t deserve that.

Even after the fact, he still stuck up for her! I hated that actually! I would have been pissed after finding out her feelings for Barnett and not being honest about it! I fucking hate liars!! And she’s a big fat liar liar, pants on fire!! 🤬

Mark. You deserve soo much better than that!


Amber & Barnett

I was shocked that Barnett ended up saying yes. He was a dog and had some red flags from the get-go. Definitely the kind of guy you wanna steer away from.

I know..Amber wasn’t any better with her debt and wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. Woman. Get a fucking job! Am I right?!

She may have been a little annoying at times, but I do give her respect. She kept it real the whole time and I felt she deserved to be happy. And in all fairness, she did say she was working during the reunion episode.

Damian & Giannina

Not gonna lie. It bothered me how degrading G could be. I cringed.

Buutt..she’s also young and has a lot of growing up to do. So I was really glad to see how far she’s come along during the reunion.

I did think she had a sweet and sensitive side though. So I’m glad her and Damian worked things out!

Ken & Kelly

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly..*shaking my head* another shallow one! When will these bitches learn?!! (Umm..never!)

OK, but in all fairness, she was straight up about it and didn’t really hide it! But in the end, it was like, why do that to the poor guy?!! Why not just tell him you were having second thoughts?!

I’m so glad Ken found someone else in the end.

Was it just me, or did it seem like he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder at the reunion, by feeling the NEED to say he found the most amazing person?? I dunno. It felt kinda forced to me. He coulda just said he was with someone and is happy. End of story.

Diamond & Carlton

Kudos to Carlton for coming out! 👏👏👏

I wish he woulda done it sooner though. Like when they were in the pods. I think he could’ve avoided that major blow out he had with Diamond. True colours would have come out way sooner too.

You live and you learn.

Who was your fave couple? Least faves? Let me know in the comments!

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