Bedtime For Little Bulldozer by Elisa Broach & Barry E. Jackson @MacKidsBooks

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Munchkin Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do you ever have nights where your little one doesn’t want to go to sleep? Or has trouble falling asleep?

Today’s story time pick was Bedtime For Little Bulldozer.

This was a fun story about a little bulldozer who can’t seem to fall asleep. My kids definitely had a giggle with this one since Little Bulldozer’s parents are human.

My 2 year old loved the pictures and surprisingly, was able to sit through the entire story. Her favourite part was Little Bulldozer cuddling with all his stuffed toys.


Falling asleep isn’t always easy, especially for a loud and rumbling little bulldozer. Once he finally gets into bed, he can’t fall asleep no matter what he tries to do: has another drink of oil, gathers his favorite stuffies, and even reads his favorite book. Still, something’s not right, and only his sisters–a steamroller and a crane–can make it better. This reassuring and clever bedtime story is for young ones who need a bit of help “bull-dozing” off to sleep.

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